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Frequently Asked Questions

Taskar - India's 1st healthcare mall, a “subscription based retail chain pharmacy+ GP clinic+ ENT clinic + wellness centre+ lab + Xray + Physiotherapy + café (Mini Hospital)” want to take this journey to 10,000 
Store's (Video) by 2033 with big Vision of creating 1st Health Ecosystem along with you. 

First of all you are not investing, we both are partnering. Your is CAPEX, Taskar’s OPEX! 

1. At 1INR/day healthcare - It is going to give recognition to you in market. Social Service, Social Image. Brand Building & Hassle-Free business altogether!

2. You are going to own India’s 1st healthcare mall – Concept itself going to be talk of the town!

3. Your store will be open 24 by 7 – It is going to be first in your city.

4. Your store will give almost free MBBS doctor consultation in city whereas other doctors must be charging 200+ consultation fee.

5. Your store will give 15% flat discount on ethical medicines, 75% on generic medicines.

6. Your store will sell which is not available in entire city! People will think of something of healthcare 
they will think of taskar.

7. Your store will do home delivery 24 by 7 365 days

8. Your store will allow users/ our thousands of subscribers to order online! Whereas your so called 200 Sq Ft’s medical stores won’t!

9. Your store will have a network of subscribers in lakhs. These subscribers are going to buy from us only.

Taskar wants to ensure healthcare @1INR/day subscription (365/Year) to every individual and to execute this we need 10K physical stores district wise hence we are looking for partners who can invest in covid free & always profitable healthcare business and grow together with our various concepts available on franchise basis ranging from 30 lakh to 80 to 3Cr (To be launched). In all these stores Capex is from Franchise and Opex is from Taskar so both the parties’ skin is in the game with money.

For quick expansion. We believe “If you want to run fast, run alone. If you want to run far, run together.”

Yes, it is! 50INR/ square fit.  
Suppose you have 1000 SqFt then 50,000 or the 12% revenue share whatever is higher but your 50,000 monthly minimum is FIXED. 

Company is also investing equally hence there is no question of guarantee as we both are partners authentically. But still since you must be having both the issues EDUCATION & TRUST hence company is ensuring that except franchisee partnership fee whatever amount it is like in mega 5 Lakh, city pride 15 lakh and in districts pride 45 Lakh every single penny will get refunded after 5 years agreement period. 

It was a dream of providing healthcare @1INR/day that’s how it started and by god’s grace company is growing on bizscaling path. In beginning we started franchise concept where we did busines like others are doing here stores were opening but franchise owners were not helping us, they were keeping freshers to save employment cost they were opening stores in their verandah, they were not investing on promotions, they were not investing on training they were not refilling stock, whatever they were earning they were taking back to their house rather investing back to business! However, none of the store is shut! all our franchise store are live and they are earning well but this segment of FIFO is closed now. 

Since we were with mindset of making this vision of 1INR/day healthcare to all we did brainstorming for months evaluated everything and came to conclusion that this FIFO model won’t work. We will have to take ownership; we will have to put our skin in the game by investing our own capital and this formula was the hit. We were not ready to give up at any condition.

Now we are taking all pain of business happily. See giving money to anyone is easy but by that money & with own investment creating a business is not easy. We are working 24 by 7 make our partners feel proud by giving them good returns. Now with full proof model we are accelerating our footprints with the partners with aim of ensuring 1 partner to start at least 3 more stores in it’s 5 years agreement tenure and taskar should start 5000 stores in 5 years and in 10 years tenure our partner should start 15 stores and taskar should start 10,000 stores. 

It is in Kapoorthala, Lucknow. It was opened on 10th January – 2021.

No, it will never. Reason is when a single pharmacy owner of 200 Sqft buys car in 3-4 years with 5 lakh stock then think about your taskar healthcare mall and the services you are going to offer! But yes once you start taskar in your town and if location is perfect then these 200 Sqft shops business will be in trouble! Just think at taskar mall free doctor, free dietician, free app, free home delivery, 24 hours and at your competitor’s 200 sqft shop nothing? Where customer’s will go?   
Entire districts patients/ customers will come to you.

Company’s EBITDA is positive. It’s 6.4%

It is 5% of whatever amount comes at 12%.

It is 4.6%

It will get renewed as per agreement. Please read agreement to know more about it.

Company has raised undisclosed amount of funding from Parent Organisation– Taskar Group.

Just 30 days from the date of site handover.

It is to be paid in one go but in 3 parts. 1st phase on the date of agreement with 2nd and 3rd Phases PDC Cheques.

1st week of every month. In registered account of partner. A ledger of daily sales will be provided to partner on email with payment summary.

You can. we do not have any issues but there is no point of sitting there as we are going to give you camera access so you can check anytime of the day or you can fix it on your television at your business or at house to monitor round o clock. It’s completely transparent business. We want to be the company if not better than TATA then offcourse equivalent to TATA where people, employees, partners, stakeholders, customer’s, patients, vendors can trust blindly and can grow together. 

There are many sources of Income for taskar from ecommerce, to telemedicine to subscription to data bank everything is going to give profit to business after 10 years like Jio but currently we are not in focus of making money we are in focus of helping our partners to establish themselves like a tower and later like Jio can be executed all services and can make company a profitable business.

A detailed breakup has been given here please do read Url: https://bit.ly/3J7k3d2 

Yes in entire Industries Healthcare is the only business where nobody can define pricing! It depends upon the doctor’s experience and kind of services they are offering. And now If you talk about Pharmacy it is the only business where minimum 28.8% Retailers Margin is fixed! However in FMCG few products come at less than 5% whereas in surgical and generic comes at upto 90% also. Overall it is profitable due to Doctor Seating & Value added services.

We can completely relate with our existing partners as well. Do one thing ask them to meet us, we will convince and will ensure your dream gets fulfilled. Actually... Not taking risk is the biggest risk of life!

That’s great to hear! Satisfaction is everything. Since you are satisfied how about doing something for the community for the world where you lived for so many years? Do one thing start Taskar mall for the commoners of your surrounding and we will take care of your wish!

I wish! Thanks but why this is vacant? And since how long? What percentage of investment in property you are going to get in rent? Hardly 2% what do you say? Think think think!!! Why you want to play so secure in life? Do one thing since property is already your so rent is saved you just need to give 30 lakh to us to get 50,000 assured monthly as a MG! + in 2 years almost all 30 will be returned from 3rd year enjoy the profits almost 2-3 lakh monthly. Still thinking?? 

Nobody is unlucky in this world. It’ just may be timing was wrong or the wrong business chosen or the desired efforts were not put in order to the requirements that’s it. So we in sort let us just tell you that we have overcome all these issues hence you don’t need to worry! Start freely, with secured future!

Helping other people to get affordable, accessible healthcare is not pain it is service, it is giving back to society. Do it you will feel a great piece of satisfaction which you may be missing so far!

This is true that the premises would be yours since it’s your business and we are assisting you in building it. If we talk about investment, then you are investing for one time, but Company is investing on monthly basis. So if we calculate then what Company is investing in 1 year is more than the total of your investment.